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Valhalla Community School welcomes students from Beaverlodge, Hythe, LaGlace and beyond. We focus on developing leadership for rural community sustainability.

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Meet the dedicated teachers and the support staff at our school.

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School council is a vital part of the everyday workings of Valhalla Community School.

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How to register your children for the next school year.

About the School

A K-9 Public Charter School – Northern Alberta’s First Rural Leadership Charter School
– Governed by Valhalla School Foundation


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What Makes Us Unique

Valhalla Community School is a public charter school, offering an enhanced Alberta Program of Studies with an emphasis on Rural Leadership and second language studies in French.

Direct Instruction is one of the cornerstones of the innovative programming at VCS. The Direct Instruction approach is effective because it presents each concept in a clear and concise manner that systematically builds into the concepts of future lessons.

Valhalla Community School

Education Goals

To meet the educational needs of all students. To provide for a varied and broad-based programs and the development of skills and attitudes for leadership and service in rural communities. To ensure successful student learning of the outcomes in the Program of Studies.

To create learning environments where our students are safe, challenged, and supported. To prepare students for their futures as well-adjusted, contributing citizens. To enhance parental partnerships and successfully engage families and communities.


  • We teach Grades K-9.
  • Charter schools are publicly funded and have a unique focus.
  • We operate under the Valhalla School Foundation.
  • Our charter is grounded in whole-group direct instruction.
  • We are members of The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools.

Student Registration

Valhalla Community School accepts children on its wait list at any time and registration for next year is already ongoing. For more information, please contact the school at 780 356 2370

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